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Wow the Las Vegas office eve Perez and heather are the rudest people I ever dealt with ..I have been renting my home for 4 years 2 month ago all of the sudde. They say I owe 940 in HOA fees ..

I requested info but never got anything except the run around next thing I knew when I went to pay rent my balance was over 2000 not the 1295 rent I called the office and was treated so awful and then hung up on because Eva had to go home at 5:58 .....the next day we where told they where going to look into the fees and make a payment arrangement and I said fees for what $940 for what. And no one would explain it to me next thing I new I had a 24 hour notice on my door when I came home at 6 pm ...my wife called begging them to not do anything because she felt desperate They told my wife nope now you have to pay July August and HOA fees or your getting locked out Once again I called and emailed and was treated like dirt then I got emails saying if we do not pAy 2400 for July and August up frot (this was July 26) we will be locked out at 10 am ( yes I'm a customer for 4 years). Regardless how wrong they where my I pawned my wedding ring and got the extra money for August rent upfront and figured we pay it and then deal with the problems since we have 3 little kids and it's 115 outside we did t wa t to get locked out. So we call in the morning again and they tell us if you here before 10 we can cancel the eviction At 9:20 my wife Rrived with $2100 cash and they told us we could pay the other 300 via credit card When she got there they said u have to get.

Money order or cashiers check. She raced across street and got the cashiers check got back to the office at 9:35 and Eva Perez refused to come out the office and tells ....in meanwhile I'm trying to cAll and no one will answer the phone .... so my wife walks into the back to pay Eva since I called her at 9;40 and told her someone is here to lock doors. I talked to there worker and told him hey my wife is I.

The office paying he called and said he could t get a hold of them .... so my wife walks I. The back and Eva says. No we cannot accept the $300 via credit card.

All of it has to be cashiers check. So my wife is standing there with a 2100 cashiers check and credit card for $300 Balance And Eva says nope we won't take that and smiles in her face ...in meantime I get locked out our home. They would t let me get my car keys and I told them my wife needs to get the babies heart meds etc out they said sorry we will contact u within 30 days So now I'm standing outside with no car keys or wallet Door locked Called them again and of course Eva won't get on phone like always and the lady told me if you bring July and August rent $2400 we will give you key back. I said fine I'll be there as soon as my wife comes back from your office Then I went got another money order for the total of 2400 for July and August as requested by Eva 3 times ( yes I have all emails to show ).

I went there and Eva would t come out heather would t come out. I video taped it all. Only the front desk lady would talk to me. She said ok 2407.

I gave her 2410 in money orders and she said ok your all paid up for July and August but you will get legal fees on the next bill I said fine then I asked her to please explain everything to me and if I owe anything else now she said no and gave me the receipt saying my rent is paid from 7/1 to 8/31 And I ask what about those HOA fees they where trying to charge me. And she told me those are waived and you now have a $3 credit. I look online and all that was correct. I had $3 credit.

Friday I wake up and see that it says rent late with late fees. (August 6th) I was like what In The world I email them Friday and no reply until they are closed. Eva says no you owe august rent. I said no I have 3 email from you saying I must pay July and August in full to get keys And that's what I did.

I went and paid. They gave me a receipt saying paid 7-1 to 8-31 paid $2400 ( yes I do have the receipts). I call to speak to heather before I could finish my sentence she calls me a liar my wife a liar and that the emails and receipts are just a written mistake and we owe August rent That 2400 was for July rent and HOA fees. I said what ??????

What are u charging me over 900 for. No one will show me anything I requested 5 times via email and also have emails from Tiffany Barnes saying fees where waived last time we spoke. At that time they said fees are for oil stain and garage has to much stuff in it ( I sent pic of driveway with no oil stains and cleaned garage ( I have the cleanest driveway on my block and garage I only have bikes hanging on was that are donated to needy kids ( check out bobs bikes for needy kids on Facebook ) After I sent in pictures and that was oct 2016 I never heard anything else ... especially nothing about 940 fees .....

so I call and heather would let me say much just called us all kinds of liars and we will evict you and this time I won't be nice and let you back in I said again I paid already and she said nope u didn't. That's a mistake. And I ask to show me what u you are trying to charge me 940 for and she couldn't said we will email it again .... talking very rude and telling me if u dont pay now we will evict u again I said whatever your wrong and won't even let me talk I'll call corporate She said go ahead I know them and they are on our team and will just tell you to call me back since I'm the manager I said wow I'll ask channel 13 for help.

Again she said oh I know such and such they won't care. And hangs up I have 3 email from Eva Perez saying $2400 for July and August rent. A receipt of my money orders and a receipt from waypoint homes saying paid 2400 for 7-1 to 8/31. We had a few problems in the past One time they put 5 day notice on door after we paid rent And where rude we called and got treated the same as this time but ended up getting a call from heather barrera and email saying sorry we applied your rent to a different t address your ok do t worry about 5 day.

...... then our water heater broke and they came installed a new one Next day we all wake up with headaches and puking the entire house smelled like burning plastic or some kind of glue I email and call and was told it's just the new smell. Ok maybe we got sick from something. Next morning still the entire home smells and we are ill I call and tell them something is wrong and we can't sleep here Finally they send a different t company out and the tech says what the *** this is 100% wrong water heater the one he installed was a different t type and he took the blower off All the went pipes in the house melted inside the home we stayed at my wife's moms and hotel for 4 nights the company that installed the new one told us everything is melted the entire system is melted so he cut a new hole on the side of the house to vent since the old ones running thru home are melted and can't be used.

He said they need to be fixed but they told him to just do the quick fix They where supposed to pay for our hotel and any other fees exspenses we had ,,, we never got anything I was so busy at work I only sent one more email and got no reply from Eva we went to the office I. Person and sat down with 4 ladies. Eva heather and 2 others that tried to bs us for 30 minutes until someone else came out I told them how rude Eva was and ever since that day Eva does anything she can to mess with us and smiles in our faces ..... I will call corporate and ask for help here.

I have all paper work emails and even some recoded stuff Please help Amanda and ronny Nezhoda Sorry for all the spelling errors lol a little on the hot side See pictures below of my receipt and email. Also have 3 other emails saying same thing with different t times

Review about: Waypoint Homes House Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I liked: Disrespectful.

I didn't like: Staff worst i seen in 40 years, Office manager and staff they have over 600 complains online, Staff rude, Awful staff, Staff.

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You aren't even 40 years old, dude.


Did you get things straightened out? It’s obvious they took your money for themselves.

I would most definitely call the police on them for theft of your rent if you have all you receipts & tell waypoint to screw off &/or join the class action suit against them.

Those girls in the office may even be arrested for embezzlement!! You don’t know how many others you may be helping!


Next time Go for their BOND its not that hard to locate and file a claim and or lien against it...I can show you guys how, to back them in the corner, and if you come against their surety bond, the rude people will more than likely lose their jobs.....


This is horrible...property manager's karma is a ***...what you do to other's shall it be done to you 10 fold....no good luck for any of you Eva,,Heather....you have damned yourself....smh


Wow! You should have called the police on them.

They can't lock you out.

Sue them for every penny the took from you and for emotional distress. $5000 in small claims court

Waypoint Homes Verified Representative

Hello Ronny,

After reviewing your ledger, you are not up to date as August rent has not yet been paid. The money you paid in the office in July was an outstanding balance, not including August rent.

We have emailed you a copy of your ledger to the Gmail account for you that we have on file.

The email will be coming from social@waypointhomes.com, so please check your spam box if you don't see it in your inbox. The ledger breaks down each individual charge.

Thank you,

Waypoint Homes

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