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My family and I were also taken advantage of my Waypoint Homes I am gathering information for my attorney so that we can file a class action suit against them if any of you have stories that you'd tell and prof of any neglect and or damage done by Waypoint please post to this comment and I'll get with you privately. and we'll go from there.

Let's get them if it is up to me the CEO Fred Tuomi will have NOThING left by the time we're done. They have caused permanent health damage to me and all the member s of my family due to the neglect of toxic mold.

This reviewer shared experience about "neglect" and wants this business to "settle for my deposit back no bill for any false damage charges payment of all medical bills both past and future, moving costs, compensation for time lost from work, pain and suffering". The author is overall dissatisfied with Waypoint Homes. The most disappointing about a product or service from Waypoint Homes was maintenance neglect led to health problems to residents, scam artists and misrepresentation Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I have also had a terrible experience with Colony American Homes (they've since closed and opened under Waypoint). Does this class action suit include Colony American Homes?Kept my security deposit, despite a walk through with a company representative, and charged me additional monies that they can't explain. I left the property in 2014 and I'm still waiting for answers.Please add me to your list for the class action suit.tam_mays@yahoo.com


Please add me to you list that would love to file a suit!! We’re in Charlotte, North Carolina. wen472@yahoo.com


The Invitation Homes Late Fees Class Action Lawsuit is Jose Rivera v. Invitation Homes Inc., Case No.

3:18-cv-03158-JCS, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.This Case was filed May 28th 2018.

Reach out to the attorneys handling it.jimmy_monvoisin@yahoo.com Will give you testimony as well. Just reach out to me.


@briandknox.jr@gmail.com Is my email. I would love to share my horror story and watch this company go down for how they conduct business.


I am still waiting to resolve an issue in court from two years ago with this terrible company. They took our security deposit and sent $700 more dollars into collections and the manager refused to tell me why.

Oh and they never sent a notice to take my security deposit. These guys are crooks.


Waypoint homes did a poor job with rehabing the house that I rent. I have a sky light in the kitchen that leaked water and they said that they fixed it and then later on months later we had Wasps in the house flying around, then I had 3 gas leaks that we all had to leave the house immediately because our life was in danger and I had my two grandchildren in the house that were sleeping then the next month we went through the same thing again with another gas leak


Rjdufrene1@yahoo.comI would love to give a testimony


Mold has been growing in my only bathroom for almost 8 months and after multiple request to send a specialist over to determine if it’s detrimental to my families health, I have not had this problem resolved. Waypoint homes/ invitation homes makes it a point to nickel and dime us every chance they get. So I hope the lawsuit does come to them

to Richie D #1508084

I have recently taken a test on the mold and 3 different types have been growing in my only bathroom since November and nothing has been done and i have 2 small children. I have terminated my lease and now they’re threatening to charge me 2 months back rent.

Not to mention the cost moving charges. This is truely horrible.


I'm in an Invitational home as we speak in the maintenance and the repairs are still the same I have been without Ac for 4 days and still has not been and I live in Texas


Is there any lawsuits going?


my email is jansmith3057@gmail.comI have a lot of issues with this company. Please include me in the class action suit.


My email: latishawhite@hotmail.com


Please contact me. I worked for & rented a home through Waypoint Homes and they STILL screwed me over!


I am presently in Court and have sued Invitation Homes LP, Louden LLC, Waypoint, Colony and Starwood. I have been scammed out of the sum of $4,000 because Invitation Homes allowed a scammer to scam me because of the Smart Pad which is installed on the front door of the vacant home.

I seek to have all Smart Home Electronic Pads removed from all vacant homes. My lawsuit is presently In Pro Per “Self Represented” and I have attorneys who desire to make this a class action lawsuit please send me an email to gregory4naca@gmail.com if you would like to join the class action lawsuit.


We are also going to court. Go join the fB group Tenants of Invitation Homes.

You are not alone. We are also taking this corporate slumlord to court


Please email information. My roommates and I have been exposed to black mold.

I am literally pregnant and these f***ers expected me to pay hundreds of dollars or stay in the home. My email is abbi.a.harned@gmail.com


We would like to be part of this! We were in Nevada, how do we become part of this class action? Please email me ataprimmer7@live.com.


I Put a $10,000 dollar down payment on a lease purchase from Waypoint homes in 2011 and in 2012 they decided to change up and not give me that option anymore and I had to sign a lease agreement or pay month to month. I s his legal and if not how did they get away with it.

I had no where to go so I did what they wanted. They use this property as an investment property throughInvitation homes.MUngar


Hello, please contact me regarding these slumlord landlords. They are horrible and I'm being affected in the worse way because of this company.

They took advantage of me and I'm currently paying for it as a result of these crooks.

I am interested in filing a lawsuit as well. My email is toniturner214@gmail.com

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