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My family and I were also taken advantage of my Waypoint Homes I am gathering information for my attorney so that we can file a class action suit against them if any of you have stories that you'd tell and prof of any neglect and or damage done by Waypoint please post to this comment and I'll get with you privately.and we'll go from there.

Let's get them if it is up to me the CEO Fred Tuomi will have NOThING left by the time we're done.They have caused permanent health damage to me and all the member s of my family due to the neglect of toxic mold.

This reviewer shared experience about "neglect" and wants this business to "settle for my deposit back no bill for any false damage charges payment of all medical bills both past and future, moving costs, compensation for time lost from work, pain and suffering". The author is overall dissatisfied with Waypoint Homes. The most disappointing about a product or service from Waypoint Homes was maintenance neglect led to health problems to residents, scam artists and misrepresentation Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I am so glad that someone has found out a way to catch these people.About 3 months ago I went through waypoint homes to rent a house in flowery branch Georgia.

We paid $1419 for our deposit and another 1910$ for the rent to move in. One week later they emailed me saying they never received our money. Then told me I would have to pay them the full amount plus a $250 fee to continue to live in the home. I of course refused to pay nearly 7000$ to these people.

They gave me the run around and wouldn't speak to me on the phone to try and figure out what was going on. They also told me that the agent Penny was not part of their organization. I never got my money back and all of my things were evicted out of the house and thrown into the yard. Property was stolen before I could make it home from work and the house door had been kicked in.

They damaged the home and tried to say I owed them additional money for repairing the house. I have bank records, emails, and names of people involved. I am definitely interested in being involved with this matter. My name is Brandon and my number is 7063624842.

I am a father of 3 and have another child to be expected any day now. Please give me a call.

I would love to help.Thanks


Ac went out and the temps outside were over 100 degrees. They would not fix it for 4 days said they couldn’t get anyone. I made 1 call and witching two hours had the a/ c back on at my own expense


Water leaking into home was supposed to be fixed last month and yet water still running into home.Vendors they use always reschedule last minute and never fixes it first time around.

The amount I pay in one month should easily cover these repairs yet it’s like pulling teeth.Mfj5790@gmail.com


I have a handful of issues I dealt with while renting with this company.Ranging from unattended rodent issues to fraudulently charging me when moving out.

I don't currently have a lawyer and this happened 2 years ago but I have all evidence and I'd love to get some payback from this egregious company.

Contact me with details please.D_warren1230@yahoo.com


I want in! I am currently talking to a lawyer now.Please email me at christiana.bankole@gmail.com


Same here my family currently renting waypoint they don’t want to fix nothing been without a oven for a year

My name is mark


Have proof telling that it my responsibility to make repairs


Yes, I signed up and AM IN!I have all my proof and so does my lawyer.

He says I definitly have a case and they are a shady fraudulant company with horrible reviews of people being just Ripped Off. If we band together, there is strength in numbers, so Let's Do This!

I see after reading there are a LOT of you who had the same scam pulled on you!

The "keeping your deposit" by deducting things and insane overcharging saying they sent you a Certified letter.Even though you changed your address with them and they HAVE your PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL, they never call to confirm your forwarding address because of the time you put in your vacate, you were still looking because sometimes its minimum 30 days in some places and Others are 60 days, you did't have the address yet, but right below it is your phone and email, SO they send your SODA documents to THE ADDRESS YOU VACATED VIA CERT MAIL and it bounces back and forth and back and forth and then they get it back returned and say "oops we tried but you didnt accept it"

No Judge is ever going to see things their way with all the proof, no way no how!

to bluewaterplace #1392082

How can I join. Please contact me

to bluewaterplace #1392083



I am IN! I have a lawyer Too! These guys are Such Sheisters!

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