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My family and I were also taken advantage of my Waypoint Homes I am gathering information for my attorney so that we can file a class action suit against them if any of you have stories that you'd tell and prof of any neglect and or damage done by Waypoint please post to this comment and I'll get with you privately.and we'll go from there.

Let's get them if it is up to me the CEO Fred Tuomi will have NOThING left by the time we're done.They have caused permanent health damage to me and all the member s of my family due to the neglect of toxic mold.

This reviewer shared experience about "neglect" and wants this business to "settle for my deposit back no bill for any false damage charges payment of all medical bills both past and future, moving costs, compensation for time lost from work, pain and suffering". The author is overall dissatisfied with Waypoint Homes. The most disappointing about a product or service from Waypoint Homes was maintenance neglect led to health problems to residents, scam artists and misrepresentation Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Please email information.My roommates and I have been exposed to black mold.

I am literally pregnant and these f***ers expected me to pay hundreds of dollars or stay in the home.My email is abbi.a.harned@gmail.com


We would like to be part of this! We were in Nevada, how do we become part of this class action? Please email me ataprimmer7@live.com.


I Put a $10,000 dollar down payment on a lease purchase from Waypoint homes in 2011 and in 2012 they decided to change up and not give me that option anymore and I had to sign a lease agreement or pay month to month.I s his legal and if not how did they get away with it.

I had no where to go so I did what they wanted.They use this property as an investment property throughInvitation homes.MUngar


Hello, please contact me regarding these slumlord landlords.They are horrible and I'm being affected in the worse way because of this company.

They took advantage of me and I'm currently paying for it as a result of these crooks.

I am interested in filing a lawsuit as well.My email is toniturner214@gmail.com


Good morning please contact me regarding these crooks who live to scheme hard working people like me and continue getting away with their unfair practices. I am interesting in filing lawsuit . My email is indylachula@gmail.com

to Indy #1441225

Chefflagg@icloud.com please contact me I’m in FL .I was done so wrong .

When we move in a home and state about putting down new grass because the one was done was dirt. After putting in the grass it cost the water bill to up over $3000 over two months. I contact someone in the office regarding the water bill and they told me they will take off my rent once I show prod of paying the bill so I did and they did not want to give me money back stating they will pay the water bill I contact supervisor had proof of emails regarding them paying the bill and the next thing that happen was I got a letter for eviction regarding myself and my children. When I went into the office they told me someone will come out and they never did.

This went on for another 2 weeks.It was hot mess and they never help pay for the water bill


323-500-6289 Treasy


Waypoint homes did me and my children so wrong… I would do anything to be part of this class action lawsuit because I’ve been trying to figure out how I was going to retrieve my money from them.All that I went through was too much to even write l.

After all the lies losing my home and them destroying my credit I’m just getting over emotional and financial hit almost 2 years later.heatherinthekeys@gmail.com


Yes please call me I’ve had a similar experience with Waypoint. 404-437-4917


Hi everyone I’m in Colorado and was screwed over by waypoint in 2016.I was in a house in Aurora that had multiple maintenance issues including being infested by wasps.

When I utilized CR-308 Which states as the property owner they are responsible for providing a place free of irritants.

They actually had the nerve to say we had to deal with it on our own eventually we broke our lease and advised them of the laws they have broken, then they turned around and put a $3000 collection on my credit without going to court or anything.Call me 720-377-5555


Hi we are the Hatchers from The Poconos of Pennsylvania we are getting ready to move to Clermont FL.So we were looking at homes to rent in Clermont FL as we surf the internet we came across Waypoint Homes/Invitation Homes.

We saw a nice home in Clermont FL. that fitted what we needed so I call Invitation Homes they said to fill out an application pay the fee of 50.00 per adult tenant. So I did the application paid for me,my wife, and my 84 yr old father that lives with me. Sent 150.00 submitted the application.

Now this is when things got interesting. I submitted on the 24th of Jan. wasn't told that I would receive an email from the screening co. and on the 25th is when i receive the email from Rafael who I had to call invitation home said that this was his property he forwarded the email to me and they said they needed a photo ID and Social Security Statement for my father found out also that I only have 48 hours to get these documents in or the application would be declined.

So i sent them the documents they ask for which was my father's expired passport and old driver license. The next day 26th Jan. they told me that they need a current ID and that the application had been declined because it was pass the 48hrs which I think is wrong you should get more time. Now I ask Rafael what do I do now he said get a current ID and send another application I ask him do I have to pay another 150.00 he said yes I think that's wrong.

So on the 27th I took my father to get a state ID and sent the the fee and application again so that is 300.00 I paid. I get an email from different screening co call Rent Grow and they had my

wife as the Primary applicant which was wrong because I was the Primary so they did some kind of scoring system on my wife and her credit had negative issues.

And we were rejected again now I'm pissed off because I thought that all I needed was the other information and we were good to go.So I feel they wasted our time and rip me off of $300.00 Please contact me 570-534-7515.


Yes to the comment I would like to proceed to the person I have been screwed over by waypoint in a lease option call me 707 7209788


In the past year that I have been with Waypoint, I've had two issues with maintenance.First was a plumbing issue because my waste pipes do not have the appropriate slope to drain, this took 2.5 months, 14 phone calls and 8 days from work.

Sometimes the guy would call to confirm that I was home so he could come over and then not show up at all. Ultimately waypoint homes decided to put a long term bandaid on the problem and not actually fix it. The second maintenance issue is my heater going out. Since December it has malfunctioned/broke 4 times, twice with strange smells that go away when you turn off the gas.

Temperatures have been in the 20 degree range during these times and it has cost me a substantial amount of money to buy fire wood, portable heaters and time from work. The home also has very poor insulation and you can hear the breeze through the cracks in the house and windows.

The strain of being cold through out the night and constantly having to call maintenance is exhausting I have attempted to contact a property manager and have left 9 messages.It has since been three weeks and I have yet to receive even a single call from waypoint management.


please contact me if you are actually doing the lawsuit, I am in.


to Troy Williams #1421847

Yes I’m trying to find out as well I have been screwed over in a lease option lost 40000 so lawsuit it is biggirl6_2000@yahoo.com


you can join others here:



I want in.I'm currently dealing with it.

I also have my own discrimination and neglect I'm seeking an attorney for.



Absolutely. I plan on taking them to court for what they did to my wife and me. Steve.dawson2@yahoo.com


I want in. ujunwapa1@gmail.com. Thanks


Please contact me. I'm interested in your lawsuit. Thanks

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