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I would strongly recommend that no one ever uses this company. if you find out that they are over the property....run!!!! I say that first but let me make it clear that I never complain online. its typically not in my nature... but it gets to a point where i can not allow myself to be taken advantage of. ill start at the beginning.

I have been in this house for 2 years with my wife and child. It is the first home I rented upon moving to Dallas Tx from Atlanta Ga. After move we noticed that in the kitchen that all outlets on the right side do not work. It was alot of cosmetic work done but not actual remodeling. WHen we ran the dishwasher it did not work...over a couple months we noticed the door was slightly loose. WHat makes it all bad is that the lanolium floor was slowly coming up as well that they "glued" down. SOme issues that were noticed intitially we informed them asap...no one ever came out....MOre issues we reported... no one came. Finallly the garage disposal stopped working...SOmeone came out... THey said that every couple months they probably would have to come back to fix the issue .... My response.... How exactly is that repairing the issue then? They also after a couple months sent somone out about the outlets... We were told all the wiring would would have to be ripped out and rerun. What type of mess is that ??? So we left it be. THe floor never repaired until I finally did so MYSELF so my 2 year old would keep tripping in the kitchen.

As a whole I never through a fit, tantrum, or caused a seen about any issues. I paid my rent every month and just let it be. My wife and I decided to build a home. For the last 3 months we have been paying month to month at an additional 250 dollars on top of our rent being raised once and would be twice if we signed a second lease. I informed a rep from my local office and was told in march to pay rent when we knew what date we would be moving out ( after 30 day notice) As time went on I realized the home we were building wasnt going to be ready. I told Julie ( my contact) and ended up paying March and April at same time.

My new home will be ready to close on next friday. My L.O received a rental verification and behold..... a 30 day late pay in March. ?? When i was told to wait to pay by an employee. So I called the office....and of course Julie no longer works there. I spoke to the property manager who said she cant do anything. I openly told her I will LOOSE my home if this stands and it wasnt my fault. I listened to an employee. She said there was nothing she could do . Keep in mind while Im talking to her i hear her talking to someone else in back ground.. i asked to speak to her boss.... she gives me the number and tells me they wont do anything. I call... the lady that answers the phone says Katy ( the supervisor) isnt there. I say ok when will she be in .THe response given to me. "I dont know... sometime next neek ". I said she doesnt have a set schedule ? answer was no and she is doesnt come to office all the time.

My first issue with that was why was i given a number to someone i cant get a hold of? SO i call another number i look up on my own. Im given another number from a lady in California. relations I guess... I am told that someone will contact me within 48 hours.... I say I cant wait that long..I really need to resolve this now.... ..told there is NO ONE isle i can speak to... Normally if in management when your not there someone else handles your situations.. I guess not with Colony American. I always paid rent...never complained...even when CAH didnt do there part. My frustration is on over load right now. I would never recommend anyone to them. Bad customer service. Horrible attitude...and not efficiant in responses. It is a shame when you do right by a company yet they do not value you .

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to "remove the "30 day" late for march". reign is overall dissatisfied with Waypoint Homes. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Augusta, Georgia, United States #1327093

I had the same exact thing happened to my family. I never tented from Colony, but these investors are really out of control.

They quit deed properties between each other and the renter is the one that gets the bad end of the stick. I do not recommend any of these companies believe me you will regret it.

Houston, Texas, United States #1148466

I agree with you they are the worst company to deal with. They lie, cut corners to do repairs and are NEVER available to speak with you.

The worst customers service every both in the office and the maintenance crew.


Hello, I am experiencing almost the same problem. If possible i'd like to speak with you to see if you can give me a lit advise.

I am new to the Lancaster Ca area and i've been in this home now for a yr and pretty much was forced into another year lease with them being that it would have been last min to just to just up and move with 3 small kids.

Please reach out to me via email I'd love to speak with you . starlafuqua36@hotmail.com thank you so much


My husband and I are in a similar situation with Colony now. There were plumbing leaks which caused a water bill in excess of 1k (normally runs $100).

They have given me the total run-around for two days.

The main office refuses to give me the name of anyone who can help me and continues to say "someone will contact you". We are not renewing in Jan and I would NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES lease from them again.

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