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My ac has had problems since I moved in, with no end to the problem . My family and I have been in the heat of the summer months without ac and all we get are techs that don't know what they are doing.

Call the West Palm Beach office and the reply is call maintenance , they don't care if you been with out of ac for a week and your young children are crying and uncomfortable and by now, it's causing problems with the wife and I, it is so frustrating. You would think that the maintenance manger would get on the phone and hear you out and come to your rented home and see for themselves, but there is never a call back.

It's just inhuman. My last resort is to call USGOV housing complaints.

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Waypoint Homes is currently being bought by Invitation Homes and it is only going to get worse. You can join our Facebook group here:

They are Corporate Slumlords, a new industry created in 2012 buying up tens of thousands of foreclosed homes and using them as stock exchange assets.

So, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT RENTAL INCOME because it is a stock. So, they abuse tenants and break tenant-landlord laws because the goal is NOT to make money on rent, just not to spend any money on the houses while they hold them= repairs. They will find a reason to evict you before repairing the homes. They also commit fraud at each lease signing by withholding what they already to be known wrong with the house to the next tenant after they did NOT make repairs and evicted them.

They report to their bank loans and investors a 97% OCCUPANCY rate, but have a 32% EVICTION rate, meaning the houses may have bodies in them, but they are sending the rent checks back so they can evict people, so not collecting money. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY. RUN! And WARN AMERICANS.

This is a new housing bubble ready to burst. Total scam.

Push your State Attorney General to investigate. Write the President.

Get investigations and regulations to prevent another burst and bailout. DO NOT LET THE GOVERNMENT bail these evil idiots out again. Blackstone is behind Invitation Homes. President Trumps BFF Thomas Barrack is behind Waypoint Homes.

I actually support Trump, but NOT this. He needs to investigate and prosecute these guys! Americans are suffering and will suffer more when this house of cards collapses.

In Florida and Texas, Waypoint is doing some very shady things after the hurricanes - report them to your Governor and AG. Good luck!

Waypoint Homes Verified Representative

We are so sorry to hear about your ongoing AC issues and would like to take a look at your work order. At your earliest convenience, please email us your full name, review and Waypoint property address to Thank you.

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