1. 2nd time trying to view this house unsuccessfully 2. Keybox does not work 3. Customer service has far too many teleprompters. 4. Tried to get someone to come out to fix the box....unsuccessful 5. I had to take off work to do all of this...missing a days pay. 6. I...
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Waypoint Homes - Rent increase and heating problems
Now Invitation Homes...Upon moving into our rental home my husband and I experienced the continued running of heat. The battery unit caused us lots of money by purchasing bulk packs of batteries to control the heating unit only to find out the wires were crossed when...
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Waypoint Homes - Theft by deceit

All I can say is I was wronged in Colorado in 2016 and I will be filing a claim for my deposit back plus the cost to move. CR -308 the warranty of inhabitability is all there is to say about this company.

Waypoint Homes - Can’t log in online to pay rent

Trying to lay rent on time and can't offices aren't open til Monday which is after the 3rd and i don't want to get penalized need someone to contact me asap!
This company will rent to anyone. I have been living next door to one of their homes in Lansing Illinois and each renter they put in there is ghetto and brings a lot of traffic, trouble, cars, etc with them. The current tenant has about 10 people living in a 3 bedroom...
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Mad but gone

These people are flat liars as I tried to past my lease to someone - they screen the new tenant and came back with her credit score not available and her dad sign with her and...


Waypoint Homes - Follow up waiting on contact

I am still waiting on contact from a manager. No one called back so I had to call in again. And now have been waiting for the regional manager to get involved and am still waiting on a call.
Pls stay away. They buy neglected foreclosed homes, paint them and rent them out. Our house was full of mold. My wife was pregnant. They would transfer you from one department to another to avoid having to deal with the service calls. We had a mold inspection done...
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Waypoint Homes - Total scam. Hiring an attorney

Waypoint is a total scam. I would reccomend no one rent from these people. They lie and dont care about their tenants. I cant wait to see them on the news again.
Advertised vs Delivered
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
My day in court is finally here! April 19th is the day I get to show the courts the HOA scam Waypoint/Colony/Invitation Homes (whatever name they go by now) pulls with their tenants. It is the property managements responsibility to notify their tenants when the...
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Waypoint Homes Verified Representative

Hi - We would like to look into this further. Can you please email us your above review and the IH property address in question to Thank you.


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What happened? I got tangled up with a bunch of liars. When did it happen? I’m still after a year dealing with these crooks. Tried to talk to them? Multiple times with several incompetent and rude office staff. I’m just going to tell you!! Dear God in...
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