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I am literally in tears reading all of these reviews of Waypoint Homes/Colony Homes/CAH 2014-2 or whatever they call themselves to get out of responsibility.I WISH I had read these before I signed with them in June of 2016.

Now I am on medication and suffering migraines and live in fear in my own home. We can't use our own backyard because my dog had half his face ripped off on New Years Eve while defending us from an aggressive dog next door because there is a fence only 47 inches high that I REPEATEDLY BEGGED for a proper fence since the day we moved in, and they refused. Since I moved in, they repeatedly listed me in eviction without notifying me (one month I found out because my house came up for rent in a sales email from Zillow!) they lied and said they never got rent checks, and sent rent checks back and wouldn't accept them because they weren't "the proper amount" all the while on my bill are charges that aren't mine! Like for a Lock system I DO NOT HAVE.

I moved in and discovered the house was infested with roaches (big ones - not the little ones) and rats...RATS... and discovered that the City actually addressed the rat situation in a COUNCIL MEETING and the leasing agent never informed me and then I HAD TO PAY to rid the house of rats and roaches. The pool leaks - I have to add water every day and they are billing ME for the water - never informed before signing. I had no running water in the kitchen or refrigerator for THREE MONTHS, and no dishwasher for FOUR MONTHS - so we bought bottled water and washed dishes in the laundryroom.

There is NOT actually air conditioning because, after MONTHS of trying to get "repairs" done during a hot So Cal summer, I finally had an independent rapairman come out and give me the truth, which is there is a 2.0 cu unit in a house that needs 3.8.. so basically no airconditioning. The water heater is too small. One of the bedroom doors wouldn't even close for the longest time.

I can't even get a response from the "Local Office" because all they say now - even to get an invoice from them - is "communicate with our lawyer". So I live in fear of more eviction notices and what they are doing to my credit behind my back. I tried Small Claims Crt, but basically was ruled it wasn't the proper place for all this. I am retaining an attorney - but, would welcome a Class Action if anything is started out there (?) I'll include just one example - the fence when we moved in which is only 47 inches high with promises to fix it, and just one of the injuries of my hero trying to defend us - that wound is to the bone and required surgery and removing that part of his face and pulling his face together - and there were more stitches and wounds to the top of his head.

He is my hero! And for the dog lovers, he is doing better, but the medicine caused seizers and he still has a scar. We can't go in our backyard.

Believe it or not I have soooo much more drama that Waypoint et al has caused, but I seriously can't even tell more of the story through the tears and shaking.I pray for justice, at least for my hero.

Review about: Waypoint Homes House Rental.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Disrespectful.

I didn't like: Illegal, Misrepresentation, Pricing, Lack of communication.

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