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Update by user Mar 27, 2017

so i still am fighting for my rights and its only getting more uncalled for by the stupidity and greed from waypoint homes

Update by user Mar 16, 2017

This company needs to be audited and investigated on everything they say and do

Original review posted by user Mar 15, 2017

WAYPOINT FORCED ME SND MY CHILDREN TO MOVE OUT AFTER 3 years as a resident @6580 Harley st riverside ca 92506.They lied and said the owner was selling the home.

The next day after I moved out the posted the home up for rent but for $200 more. They have neglected me and my family from repairs being made. Even had us without water for 3 days. No water in our home which became a very big health issue.

Sending out different people to rigg the dirty old curupted pipes with tape.

This company left us living with mold all over the inside and outside of our home.A termite infestation that ate up all the bottom of the doors and walls.

Review about: Waypoint Homes Property Rental.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Disrespectful.

I didn't like: Way they lie to get buisness, Took all me deposit plus wanted more, Unsafe, Cheap quality, Riverside ca.


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Orlando, Florida, United States #1338564

I had the same experience with them.I even went to Channel 9 News to expose them and from their I received a list of fees from me moving out and I have video and pictures of property that they wont even look at.

They even had fake court documents sent to me and when I went to the court to check it they said nothing was filed against me.Even their attorney's are corrupt

Riverside, California, United States #1309173

Not fooled save it lol. This is how waypoint represents themself. Your pathetic.


Read the move-out report. Seems like very fair pricing for a lot of work due to a renter that trashed the place on the way out the door. Photos show mold consistent with not using the shower correctly, and a dark surface in a sump pit, which is pretty typical for a sump pit where somebody regularly floods the surrounding surface.

Hope her new landlord knows what they have gotten as a customer.

to NotFooled1 Riverside, California, United States #1309176

Shut up already.How embarrassing of you to even try and trash talk about someone when it's so obvious you are trying to clean up your waypoint style mess.

First step is to stop being in denial of being a pig of a wanna be buisness.Greed can catch up to you so sad to know people like you exist

Waypoint Homes Verified Representative


As previously explained, as the homeowner and landlord we have the right to submit a non-renewal.Additionally, this is the first time we are hearing about this mold.

All maintenance orders called in have been plumbing, landscaping/irrigation, roof and pest control. All work orders submitted by you have been addressed.

Per your ledger, we are not seeking additional payment from you. In fact, we sent you a check for the remainder of your security deposit after move-out costs. You were charged because your home was left in poor condition upon move-out.

Per your lease, the home must be in the same or better condition as when you took possession.

The carpets were stained, weather stripping was damaged, debris was left behind, very large chunks of paint were missing from your walls, and the home was overall dirty.All security deposit disputes need to be made with your local office.

Thank you,

Waypoint Homes

to WaypointHomes Riverside, California, United States #1305957

LIES ,LIES, I have all the emails of a correspondence saying you got the work order but no respondence of them ever completeing them.If anything maybe 1 order which took 3weeks to some what rigged the dirty polluted water pipes.

Like I said show me proof that you are not a liar and dishonest money hungry cricket buisness. If you are going to speak on behalf of waypoint homes then make sure you got your homework done on it. Don't speak on something you don't know nothing about.

The previous renters that read this will know you are the liars, and a regret of ever renting from you.Charging $100 for a light bulb.

to Cloka32 #1306655
Waypoint Homes Verified Representative

Hi Cecilia,

If we were able to attach photos or documents here, we would, but unfortunately we are not given the option.We have emailed you your move-out inspection which has photo proof of damage to the home.

We also emailed you your ledger. The bottom line of the ledger is a positive number (anything with parentheses is positive) and that is your refundable amount. This check was mailed to you and cleared our bank on 03/07/17. We also emailed proof of this to you.

Please check your Gmail account.

It will be coming from are not being charged for one lightbulb alone, you are being charged for a "Completion Package" which includes: Replace Lightbulbs that are out, Outlet and Switch Covers, Batteries in CO2 and Smoke Detectors, and Door Stops.

Thank you,

Waypoint Homes

to WaypointHomes Los Angeles, California, United States #1306679

No you mailed out a check that was less then 80.00 out of $1300.00 stop pretending that you are the victim cause your making yourself look bad. Proof proof proof that's what I thought you don't got it. Cause your full of scams and lies

to WaypointHomes Los Angeles, California, United States #1306769

3yeArs of ware & tear in a home that was garbage all you did was throw a cheap dirty coat of paint on the walls and left all the major problems rigged with tape and puddy. I rather have a safe and healthy home to live in and be sick free instead of painted walls as a temporary distraction of the *** hole home

to WaypointHomes Los Angeles, California, United States #1306676

As the homeowner and landlord are you also gonna say you put the walls up and carpet in the back room.Your trying to charge me for something you didn't even have.

You tried to turn a storage room into a guess house all a sudden. You should be ashamed of your self. Since me and my children have moved out that maggot rotten unsafe and health issue house my kids have not been sick like they were from all the plumbing ,mold, contaimanted pipes that we used for water etc. thank god.

But I'm still gonna press the issue of all rights I and my children have as renters being discriminated and treated unfairly due to me being a single mother & income.You bullied your way to keeping all my deposit with your dishonesty,

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