I had been a renter for 3 yrs at this home and I kept it up very well here is pics of proof and they lied and kept my deposit for made up expenses. I am entitled to ware and tear once I hit that year but it was 3 yrs total .

No holes in walls no missing screens or windows no damage what so ever. I spoke to Kerrie and she lied as well by saying she's agreeing to what the expenses were. I have tried to work with this company and all they have done is hide.

No response from them. Bad buisness they are.thank you riverside

Review about: Waypoint Homes House Rental.

Reason of review: Deposit wrongfully kept.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Kerrie from riverside was dishonest, Kerrie argued with me, Kerrie is responsible for these lies, Kerrie should sloppiness, Poor service.

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I too have been in a property where 38 items were promised before move-in & not single not one single one was completed upon move-in. I had a 4 inch flood in my backyard for the first year 1/2 due to leaky pool & sprinkler pipes.

I was promised DWP reimbursement for 3 1/2 years but over the course of time, property management changed 4 times. Each new company would investigate but nothing transpired. I’ve now moved out of my home 10 days ago & have yet to get a call back or an email regarding my security deposit. I took videos & Invested over $6000 in the property that I left behind, such as security cameras & new locks.

My property was 10 times cleaner upon move out than move in & completely repainted. The only issue was that the carpet cleaners canceled on me the morning of my move out & the hallway has footprints & stains but was the only area that needed shampooed . The entire house was professionally repainted & you could eat off of the hardwood floors the day I left. I live in California but the Arizona office is the absolute only office that has helped me in anyway along with Marsha from the new Pasadena office.

My local office on Balboa Avenue, continually served me with eviction notice when my rent was paid & onlce in the 4 1/2 years that I lived at my house did they ever return a phone call. I have a file 4 inches thick with over 75 photos of complaints, emails, texts & requests that remain unanswered & unaddressed.


I moved out of my rental 90 days ago... I have not heard anything from them...

nothing about keeping my security deposit...

nothing about if I’m getting it back... I thought they had to at least let me know in writing what they are going to charge me for...


I feel for you - We rented for 4 years and left the place 1000% better than when we moved in- ask the neighbors who were cheering us on as we took a dump and made it look much better! I ended up putting in an entire bathroom up stairs - installed a slider - got a new dishwasher (old one smelled like dead rat) and installed a full tiled wall in downstairs bathroom as it was full of holes and rotted out. Instead of getting reimbursed - Waypoint turned us into FCO credit hounds who are now trying to get almost $5000 more from us - SMH


I agree with you. I rented for 2 years and am fighting them right now over keeping my deposit for normal wear and tear items such as painting.


In all fairness, as the pictures show, there is plenty of reason for the company to have kept the security deposit.

The back yard is dirty, the lawn is dead, inside all the walls are extremely dirty and stained.

If you take them to court, I can assure that you will lose. Take them to small claim court.

Normal wear and tear does not means that you will return the home dirty, or full of spider webs.

Basically, a renter must return a home in the same conditions as it was delivered to them, just like when one returns a leased car, you get charged for any nick and chip, stains and over the allotted miles agreed .

to Anonymous #1381160

the pictures are pixalated and not good quality, I did not see any spiderwebs and this is not a leased car, it's people living, do you work for them?

to Anonymous #1383802

You work for Waypoint? LOL

Riverside, California, United States #1327467

Still in the process of taking them to court. They are terrible people

Seminole, Florida, United States #1318700

Reviews like this and there are MANY have inspired me to deduct my deposit at the end of renting - they can't keep my DEPOSIT if I don't send it to them!!!!!


Do a walk through. Get them to specifically point out the damage.

If it's a door then tell them if you're going to pay for a door to be replaced then you'll take the old one. Even if it's a latch tell them you'll take it. We have been through this with our sons after scrubbing for 8 hours! They changed their tune when we said we want the items that are to be replaced.

But I have to tell you they cornered my son and told him they'll only give back $100 of the $1000.00 damage deposit. We didn't find out until months later that the boys went into the apartment after that and peed on everything.

Guess they'll have to spend the $1000.00 on a cleaning bill! Not nice but sweet revenge.


Just wondering, what were the reasons they gave you, in writing within 30 days of turnover, for withholding your deposit?

to Anonymous Riverside, California, United States #1327469

They said for light bulbs ,batteries for smoke detectors little nonsesense like these no damage was done. It looked as it was the day I moved in. 3 yrs later.

to Ceachavira #1372119

they are good at those nonsense charges. They tried to charge me $50 to re-chaulk the toilets and sinks. LOL

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